Hepatitis B and C have been threat to many human beings throughout the globe, it is known as inflammation of liver which in the language of layman is known as burning sensation of liver. There could be a number of reasons for this disease but poor hygiene, oral contamination, no proper discarding of the syringes and other hospital products, unsafe sexual exposure, blood transfusion etc. could be cream reasons. As a result, a number of symptoms are seen such as fatigue, Flu-like symptoms, Dark urine ,Pale stool, Abdominal pain, Loss of appetite ,Unexplained weight loss, Yellow skin and eyes, which may be signs of jaundice.

The herbal product we have introduced by the name of HEPTICURE is to ensure that the adversities occurring as a result of hepatitis B and C should be reduced to maximum in order to comfort the patients.

Unexplained weight loss arises as a result of hepatitis B and C which may lead to ugliness feature of someone’s aura and personality.

Urine infection is also a main cause of hepatitis C and B which may lead to extreme lumber pain and should be treated immediately. Hepticure is basically designed to overcome this issue by eliminating bacteria

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