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It’s completely made from purely extracted herbs and has all effectiveness for all sorts of symptoms of liver and diabetes.

Yes diabetes less treats type I and II diabetes.

No, none of our products cause any other side effects as they are 100% composed from herbs.

We provide authentic and approved herbal medicine from DRAP. If not effective for you or any other default in the product, we shall provide you 100% money back guarantee. We intend to keep our client’s happy and satisfied.

For Diabetes Less use one sachet with water before breakfast and one sachet with water before dinner.

Yes our products are approved by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

For Hepticure use one sachet and mix with 250gm of yogurt before breakfast.

Hepticure have the cure for jaundice, acute & chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis A, B & C. It is specially formulated for all hepatitis issues.

Yes it is and can be consumed by the people who are diabetic.

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