people in west have ongoing obese disorders due to high consumption of fatty acids and trans fat on daily basis. People in west have adapted the culture of eating fast food quite a lot. People of east have also adapted this culture from the west, People of east, in early times were more habitual of eating simple and less spice oriented food following their way of life. Diabetes is commonly widespread amongst the people of both east and west. No disease is good I repeat no disease comes uninvited but due to hormonal changes, sleeping patterns, food consumption and unhealthy lifestyle. Diabetes is the complete game of hormones. In medical terminology, either too much insulin(hyperglycemia) or too less insulin(hypoglycemia) is secreted from alpha and beta cells in islets of langerhans.(pancreas). Every 7 out of 10 people are now diabetic. The mythology have been occuring and people are considering that intake of sweeteners and sugary items is the cause of diabetes, but no diabetes occur due to the disturbance in hormones of human body especially in pineal gland and other growth hormones in the body may lead to the cause of diabetes.

Stress and tension of severity also promote an increase in blood glucose level. Stress is one of the common factors leading to diabetes, stress makes you look horrible it makes your aura disturbed it makes you look aged and wrinkled and old, if you’re 20 your stress level will make you look 40.

Diabetes less, the herbal cure we have introduced is to  comfort you be every mean. It will help to relax your body hormonal level and to maintain normal glucose level of blood.

Diabetes less helps to maintain the serotonin level of the body and to cure the adverse effects that occur as the result of diabetes that is hypertension , numbness in tongue, frozen shoulder and hair loss.

Vitamin D is widely effected in diabetes due to which bones weaken and become porous due to which female gender face arthritis , diabetes less provide you complete treatment for your bones to not weaken.

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