Staying fit forever

Type 2 diabetes isn’t unavoidable. Forestalling and notwithstanding turning around the beginning of diabetes is completely conceivable, however it takes responsibility. Assuming responsibility for your wellbeing includes a two dimensional methodology: diet and exercise. Both are vital for long haul achievement and ideal wellbeing.

Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B and C have been threat to many human beings throughout the globe, it is known as inflammation of liver which in the language of layman is known as burning sensation of liver. There could be a number of reasons for this disease but poor hygiene, oral contamination, no proper discarding of the syringes and other hospital products, unsafe sexual exposure, blood transfusion etc. could be cream reasons. As a result, a number of symptoms are seen such as fatigue, Flu-like symptoms, Dark urine ,Pale stool, Abdominal pain, Loss of appetite ,Unexplained weight loss, Yellow skin and eyes, which may be signs of jaundice.

Diabetes- Threat to beauty

Being either celebrity or ordinary person, beauty and looks are the right of every person beauty is not dependent on looks or fair complexion it is the aura of you, carrying yourself, how updated you are how you set the limits of your trends in order to be the part of society. Diabetes is now being so common varying from every age i.e. from infants to youngsters to aged ones. Since diabetes is commonly spreading every now and then, its adversities are also one of the outgoing factors such as paler skin, hair fall, skin rashes , sores, wounds, pricked nails , white hair and last but leading the all obesity..

Diabetes in general.

people in west have ongoing obese disorders due to high consumption of fatty acids and trans fat on daily basis. People in west have adapted the culture of eating fast food quite a lot. People of east have also adapted this culture from the west, People of east, in early times were more habitual of eating simple and less spice oriented food following their way of life. Diabetes is commonly widespread amongst the people of both east and west. No disease is good I repeat no disease comes uninvited but due to hormonal changes, sleeping patterns, food consumption and unhealthy lifestyle. Diabetes is the complete game of hormones. In medical terminology, either too much insulin(hyperglycemia) or too less insulin(hypoglycemia) is secreted from alpha and beta cells in islets of langerhans.(pancreas). Every 7 out of 10 people are now diabetic. The mythology have been occuring and people are considering that intake of sweeteners and sugary items is the cause of diabetes, but no diabetes occur due to the disturbance in hormones of human body especially in pineal gland and other growth hormones in the body may lead to the cause of diabetes.